Intra - Cytoplasmic ICSI treatment

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

 Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

ICSI is a delicate technique in which a single human egg which measures one tenth of a millimetre is injected with a single sperm which is 100 times smaller than the egg using a special manipulator by a skilled embryologist.

Technology has enabled us to hold and individually manipulate a sperm which is about one hundred times smaller than millimetre!

ICSI: what does it involve?

Practically, as far as the couple is concerned, IVF and ICSI are quite similar. The laboratory technique makes the difference. As detailed in the section on IVF, the wife is placed on fertility boosting medicines and the development of follicles is monitored. When follicles with eggs have matured in the ovary, ovum retrieval is done. Semen from the male is obtained, washed and concentrated. The process of ICSI is similar to IVF till this point. Please refer to our section on IVF for more information. In ICSI, we do not leave the sperm and egg to fertilize themselves in a culture dish. An individual sperm and individual egg are chosen and held in two arms of a special instrument called micromanipulator. The egg is then penetrated by a skilled embryologist with a single sperm. Several pairs of sperm and egg are used in a setting to create several embryos. The fertilized embryos are then placed in a culture dish in an incubator that accurately maintains temperature, humidity and gaseous milieu. The fertilized eggs are monitored for development and then transferred to the uterus in a few days.

What are the advantages of ICSI?

ICSI is an advancement of IVF. It is specially advantageous in the following situations:

ICSI is an advancement of IVF. It is specially advantageous in the following situations:
• If the sperms are unable to penetrate the egg because of poor quality or low count, ICSI directly offsets this disadvantage
• If the sperms have been obtained directly from the testis or epididymis because of inability to ejaculate or due to a blockage, ICSI can be used to obtain the best possible results with the hard to obtain sperms.

ICSI success rates?

Please refer to our section on hrsuccess rates and success stories for more information. (Success rates and success stories)

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