Conceive Naturally : Lifestyle changes


Conceive Naturally : Lifestyle changes
Couples trying too hard to conceive are often desperate and it affects their mood, emotions, sleep and stress levels. Do your best to avoid falling into this trap. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps you to cope up with the stress and optimize your chances of conceiving. Here are some of our tips to choose fertility –boosting natural methods.

Combat stress

It is a fact that women who are trying to conceive report very high stress levels. Staying calm, maintaining hope, prayers, meditation can all help you reduce the mental stress. Alternative healing methods such as yoga, acupuncture, individual and group counselling have shown promise in promoting fertility. While not everyone benefits from these methods, trying these does not hurt . Alternative methods work best when they go hand in hand with the scientific medical therapy. Also see our section CONCEIVE NATURALLY: ENJOY MARRIED LIFE for more useful information.

Maintain a healthy fertility weight

When you are trying to get pregnant, staying overweight or underweight does not help. It can also make it harder for you to get pregnant. The ideal bodyweight depends on your height. You can calculate your body mass index (BMI) and determine whether your weight is appropriate to your height. A BMI between 18 and 25 Kg per sq. m is said to be normal. BMI is calculated as your weight in Kg divided by the square of your height in metres. Staying within a healthy weight range can boost your chances of fertility as well as avoid certain problems with pregnancy.

Is there a fertility diet

Scientists at Harvard have worked on the best diet for enhancing fertility. We have incoprporated their findings and have made suggestions to help you. . Please see the section on the CONCEIVE NATURALLY: THE FERTILITY DIET . Our qualified dietician can counsel you additionally regarding the best diet for fertility.

Stay fit

Regular exercise will help you stay in the health weight range, maintain fitness, reduce stress and make conception and pregnancy easier. Walking, swimming, stationary cycling and certain yoga exercises are good options in the prenatal period. However, certain vigorous exercise programs may not be compatible with fertility treatment. Check with your doctor regarding your exercise routine and get individualized advise on wherther your exercise program is safe for you before and during pregnancy.

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