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We at GFC are committed to the highest standards of ethical practice and reporting in the field of infertility. We do a strict introspection to make sure that we are not below international standards in terms of our success rates. We avoid comparison with individual centres as the case mix and integrity of reporting might vary between centres. We would urge you to carefully scrutinise the data from any IVF centre that reports success rates that are way above international standards.

We have consistently compared our success rates with from IVF clinics in the UK. This is because the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HEFA) in the UK have an established method of verifying and publishing data from individual clinics, which we believe is reliable. The table below shows our success rates with fresh IVF/ICSI cycles in comparison o the success rates in the UK. UK was the birth place of IVF and is regarded for housing some of the pioneers in the field. We believe that our success rates are on par with those of top notch fertility clinics in the UK.

Age Groups < 35 years 35 - 37 years 38 - 39 years 40 - 42 years
GFC 45.3% 38.9% 28.0% 20.4%
UK Average*** 35.6% 31.9% 24.9% 18.5%

***HFEA published data (on 19/5/2014) for the period 1st July 2012 - 30th June 2013 (For fresh IVF & ICSI cycles)

#The figures given are an average for UK with some underperforming and some top notch fertility centres in the pool. Our success rates are above the UK average and similar to the top fertility centres in the UK.

The above success rates are per IVF/ICSI cycle with own eggs; with donor eggs, our success rate in 61%

A majority of our patients have been those who have had unsuccessful treatments at other fertility centres. We do not selectively choose patients to boost our success rates. The essential ingredients of our high success rate have been

• Fertility centre functioning for 2 decades (since 1993) with vast accumulated experience
• Gynaecologist with over 40 years' experience
• Nationally renowned in-house embryologist
• State of the art facilities and infrastructure
• Above all, dedication to patients

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