Success Stories

Well, quoting a few is difficult when there are so many. Here, we share some interesting success stories.

• After kidney transplantation, a gentleman had no sperms in his ejaculate. But we retrieved sperms from his testis, which was used in ICSI. They had twins!
• A 40 year old couple from Singapore, married for 10 years, who had lost all hopes, delivered a child through ICSI in their first attempt.
• A young couple, female partner with very irregular menses due to PCO, was asked to use eggs from someone else (donor) by other reputed centres. Whereas we managed to get 20 eggs from the patient herself. She delivered twins with her own eggs.
• A very young lady, who was considered to have got menopause at a premature age of 26 years, was stimulated for IVF and got 16 eggs. She delivered twins! This is a medical miracle.
• After the birth of twins through ICSI at our centre for male infertility, the couple came to us a few years later requesting for another pregnancy through ICSI. And by god's grace, they returned back with another set of twins!
• A patient with severe endometriosis had IVF done thrice at our centre and conceived in all three attempts.

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