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Giving birth is a special experience; once in a lifetime experience for many mothers in urban India. We have done our best to make sure that it is a memorable experience for you and your family. We take pride in keeping the birthing packages at affordable rates for the common people so that a memorable birthing experience is not limited to the rich alone.

Our centre is a World Health Organization (WHO) partnership site for maternal health ( and our first priority is the safety and health of the mother and baby. Our team of experienced gynaecologists provide 24 x7 cover to our patients. Our reputation has been built around decades of personalized and expert care. We have the best 4D ultrasound scan machines, foetal monitoring equipment, operation theatre set up, and well equipped postop recovery unit to match our experienced team. Having taken care of our first priority, namely safety, through a combination of experienced gynaecologists and state of the art technology, we offer more to make birthing an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Deluxe Delivery Suite:
Apart from state of the art monitors, we have equipped our spacious delivery rooms with special touches, which include luxurious birthing beds, soft colours, premium linen, air-conditioning, and recessed lighting that add to the mother's sense of well-being. We will place you in the delivery room close to the time of delivery and you will stay there with your near one till the baby is born.

Painless Delivery:
Advances in modern anaesthesia have made epidural anaesthesia for labour a viable option for a nearly painless natural delivery. Our team of anaesthetists have excellent experience with giving epidural anaesthesia for painless delivery. We will have a detailed discussion with you regarding the pros and cons of using epidural anaesthesia for labour during antenatal visits and help you make a decision.

Husbands in Delivery Room:
We encourage husbands to be with, support and encourage you in the delivery process. Of course, the biggest reward is that he can hear, along with you, the first cry of your baby. In order to help you and your husband enjoy this priceless moment in your life, we prepare you for this through extensive antenatal counselling and special group classes. Husbands who have attended the counselling sessions and have a good understanding of what to expect in the delivery room will be encouraged to be in the delivery room. Those who are not tuned to the delivery process may find the process stressful and will be asked to stay in their respective rooms.

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