ICSI manipulator

Our state-of-the-art ICSI manipulator (Eppendorf, Germany) is a delicate instrument that can hold a single egg and allow the injection of a single sperm in the egg by a skilled embryologist. That the size of an egg is approximately one-tenth of a millimeter and the size of a sperm is one-hundredth of the size of the egg underscores the importance of a skilled embryologist and the use of state of the art instruments.

ICSI manipulator


Incubator is the machine where the embryo is stored after fertilization and allowed to develop in the optimally controlled internal environment of the incubator, till it is ready for placement in the uterus. We have the best incubators currently available, including a carbondioxide incubator (Hera Cell, Germany) and a triple gas incubator (K systems)


Computerized Semen Analyser

A photograph of our computerized semen analyser showing the concentration, shape and motility of sperms in a semen specimen.

Computerized semen analyser

4-D Ultrasound

The quality of the picture says it all. Our 4-D ultrasound machine (GE Voluson, Austria) is amongst the best in the world.

4-d ultrasound scanner

Deluxe birthing centre

Equipped with luxury obstetric delivery table and pleasant surroundings added to the latest fetal and maternal monitoring equipment.