Infertility Cost

Infertility Cost

The cost of infertility treatment will depend on the diagnostic tests undertaken, the medicines used and the type of artificial reproductive technique. Intra-uterine insemination is a simple and inexpensive fertility treatment while IVF or ICSI become expensive because of the equipment and the hormones needed for these advanced techniques. The cost varies from patient to patient depending on the need for hormones. The majority of the cost is from the use of hormones of the best quality. We make no compromise in the quality of our medicines. We have been able to keep the cost of hormones low by making bulk purchases, thanks to our patient volume. This has enabled us to provide certain hormones to our patients below MRP. We are not a corporate set up driven by investors. We are patient and physician oriented, in that order. We therefore ensure that high quality assisted reproductive techniques delivered by the most renowned doctors in the field is kept at affordable prices for the common men and women. We also facilitate financing options (through third parties) for those who would be interested in paying the amount on an EMI basis. We are unable to provide an estimated number here because of the cost will vary according to the individual's treatment requirements. Please contact our clinic between 9 am and 5 pm for detailed and individualized information.

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